2012 Race Results

First place awards were presented to the following participants in the 2012 Jug Bay 5K:

Age Group                    Winner

Overall Male                Blaine Mably  21:52.99

up to 17                        Ben Wagner   35:08.28

18-35                            Blaine Mably

36-45                            David Kemp    24:14.78

46-55                            Dave Walker   24:21.54

56 and up                     John Mornini   23:58.61

Male Walker                Richard Johnson   48:17.76


Overall Female           Jennifer Gillespie    25:31.98

up to 17                       Holly Vanscant     29:32.52

18-35                           Jennifer Gillespie

36-45                           Tiffany Kramer     32:13.45

46-55                           Monika Bachmann      26:06.90

56 & up                       Elaine Barton   47:16.28

Female Walker           Linda Johnson   48:16.91


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